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KICKS: Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer – Three Colorways

on February 26, 2014
in Asics, Kicks
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The Asics Gel-Kayano has gone through numerous of phases, as its identity switches between running and lifestyle. As the running models reaches their 20th version, the earlier versions of the Kayano have been churning along, and Asics has released three new colorways for the model.

Designer Toshikazu Kayano’s goal, while composing the Gel-Kayano, was to create a balance between running and training. As he pushed for newer designs, these Asics Gel-Kayano pairs are tied back to earlier renditions of the sneaker.

The Gel-Kayano shown here are actually the 1993 rendition of the shoes, and I’m thankful for that. 21 years later, the current Gel-Kayano are definitely designed functionally, using reflective tape and a never-ending supply of lines and streaks alongside the silhouette. The 1993 Gel-Kayano are more forgiving in terms of aesthetics; yet to this day, it still doesn’t look obsolete.

The rubber Asics logo is implemented on the side profile of the shoe. I’m a fan of the use of matte rubber; if the design of a shoe requires hard, angular lines, why not use something that is as stable as rubber to accentuate those design cues? The rubber laid on the midsole and heel allows for the rest of the silhouette to stay monochromatic.

How Kayano designed the sneaker is impeccable. The lines in the Asics rubber logo are followed with a controlled array of streaks behind it, as the toe area stays clean. Out of all versions of the Gel-Kayano, it’s these design elements that define the 1993 rendition to be the most refined. The aesthetics of these shoes are more modern and aggressive than their later counterparts, which could mean that this version of the Gel-Kayano may be the closest one to design perfection.

Name: Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer
Color: Light Grey/Black, White/Fairy Red, Black/Purple
Style#: H403N-1390, H403N-0123, H403N-9033
Release Date: 3/1/14
Locations: TBD
Phone Orders: (310) 590-1244
Available Online: No

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